The I Dare to Heal 3-book series:
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Book 3: I Dare to Heal with Laughter

    The third book in the series introduces the discipline of "Animated Laughter with Feelings".

It's a challenge to address our underlying fears, anger, and sadness. This discipline offers a method to liberate ourselves from the issues that take charge of ourselves and create self-conflict and conflict with others in the wide-world!

We learn the bio-energetic exercises (too deceive or defenses), and the circular connected breath to open to and connecting with our underlying feelings reflective of our emotions and through repetitive connection and discharge through animated laughter and other manifestations of emotional discharge (repetitive primal sound, yawn, tearing, anger sounds, hot cold sweats, shaking we cleanse ourselves of feelings that create self-destructive behaviors.

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This third book in the series also has a companion online video entitled "Presentation / Description of Animated Laughter with Feelings" (over 25,000 views) and a process video as well, entitled "Animated Laughter with Feelings".

You can watch the two videos below:

Video 1: Presentation / Description of Animated Laughter with Feelings
Video 2: Animated Laughter with Feelings

Liberation is sweet and through Animated Laughter with Feelings and other methods described in my two other books, we can achieve dynamic changes in our self-destructive behaviors and foster a healthier outlook and healthier cooperative more rational behaviors in our lives.