Clairvoyant Reading

My readings are an hour long and focused on bringing through information to assist you to know energetically where you are and what your next steps are for soul expansion, to provide any healing work that is recommended by your guides, and to answer questions that you might like answered during the session.

I work in the frequencies of Christed light and love with Mary Magdalene and Jeshua, with the Archangels, Ascended Master realm, and with your guides throughout the session.

All sessions are unique and based on what I am guided to bring through, including information about your auric field and chakras, your soul journey, what healing projects you are currently working on at a soul level, and direct channelings, as guided, from beings of light who wish to communicate with you.

The primary focus of the session is to use the frequency of love to expand your perspective so that the brightest paths for the next steps are made available to you, in vibrations that you are ready to hear.

Fee: 1 hour $195

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