Coaching Sessions

I offer one-on-one life coaching sessions. While connected with the guides, I help you look at the issues you are facing in your life and empower you through insights, affirmations, energetics, visualizations and suggestions on how to take the next steps to manifest the life that you desire. You deserve a life full of abundance, prosperity, happiness, peace, ease and success. Let me assist you, with the guidance of the light realms to find your true self within that is capable, senior, happy, full of laughter and a divine creator in form. You can create the life that you deserve easily, and I appreciate the opportunity to assist you to recognize who you really are and transform your life consciously.

Each coaching session lasts for an hour and has a goal of accomplishing the next step on your journey. I offer coaching sessions in packages of 3 as well for a discount so that an issue can be addressed and monitored with feedback and guidance and you receive external evidence on how you are doing in your life as you implement changes.

For prospective coaching clients, I offer a brief 5-10 minute consultation for free via phone where you describe what your goal is, and I look at the energy and give you a preliminary view of how I might be able to assist you.

Initial Brief Phone Consultation (5-10 minutes) - Free

Individual 1 hour Coaching Session - $175

Package of 3 Coaching Sessions - $450

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