Goddess Reading & Activation Session

As we go through 2014 a tremendous opportunity exists to come into further balance by anchoring the aspects of our soul song that relate to the Divine Feminine frequencies of flow, alignment with Source, manifestation, creativity and abundance which were limited in the 3D game of Karma we played prior to the Shift in Consciousness.

Working with Mary Magdalene I am offering personal activations from a wide range of Goddess frequencies to anchor in the core foundational aspects of your Divine Feminine soul song that will root in the fertile soil of 2014 the highest potentials to resonate into your balanced divine self and bring in more Goddess frequencies as you attune your inner fecundity to create as God/Goddess in form.

The session will use Oracle Cards to invite Goddess frequencies in for your activation, as well as channeling from Goddesses who wish to speak to you and bring you gifts of alignment with your soul in a balanced way, based on who you are, your eternal soul-song.

Fee: 1 hour $222

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