“And we, sun and earth, are but the beginning of a greater sun and a greater earth.”
- Kahlil Gibran, The Forerunner

The Sun has been a symbol of spirituality and nourishment since the beginning of history. The ancient Egyptians worshipped the Sun-god Ra. Certain hymns of the Indian Sanskrit Rig-Veda refer to the Vedic Sun-god Surya. In Peru, great sun discs were once made out of gold (the color associated with the Sun) in honor of the God of Inca. Stonehenge and ancient Mayan temples focused on the motion of sunlight as a source of great significance. Solstice and equinox rituals are part of every traditional culture.

My name, Shariq, of Persian origin, means “The Rising Sun”. The sunrise is a symbol of the manifestation of life, the source of nourishment of all living things on Planet Earth. Everything that progresses, grows and blooms is linked to the rising sun and derives sustenance from this central source of cosmic energy.

The philosophy of the GOLDEN SUN HEALING method is that we all must discover our inner Sun, the spark of God that dwells within each of us. Within the center core of each human is the golden spark of the Divine. At the present time, the accelerated cosmic energies that are available to us as part of the Shift in Consciousness allow us to fully assimilate our inner Sun.

As the GOLDEN SUN HEALING Method allows us to leave behind the baggage behind of our ego, fears, hate, envy, emotions of duality by clearing our aura and 7 chakras, we begin to activate our light body and the full Galactic-chakra system that aligns us with our true God-self. By activating our inner Sun, we open the portals to other dimensions, and to the cosmos.

It is my passion that we all recognize our inner Sun, that through self-Mastery we all access our own Divine information from our Higher Self and bring in the unique gifts to this Earth that our soul has developed over multiple lifetimes in many dimensions and worlds.

Gold is also a high frequency mineral that has been called “the master healer”. It emits energy to prompt one to allow beauty to emerge from the inner being. Minerals and crystals are part of the GOLDEN SUN HEALING method because crystals anchor spiritual energies into our bodies, helping to extract all the duality blockages that must now fall away.

Indeed, as our light bodies develop, we ourselves become human crystals, allowing cosmic energies to pass through us to the Earth, as we become a cosmic bridge between the cosmic Sun and mineral gold. We begin to manifest the reality of unified Spirit and matter and create Heaven on Earth.

Note: I am indebted to Katrina Raphael’s “The Crystalline Transmission” and Omraam Mikhaël Aivanov’s “In Spirit and Truth” and Melody’s “Love is In The Earth” for ideas on the significance of the Sun and gold.

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