Guided Meditation

I channel group meditations on a regular basis. The focus of the meditation is on clearing your chakras, connecting you with your guides and visualizing future possibilities that can be manifested through The Law of Attraction.

I also schedule private one-on-one guided meditations and provide spiritual counseling and advice.

I have been recording my channeled meditations since the December 29th, 2008 session. I am making these recordings available for purchase, and I have listed below the specifics of topics covered in each of the meditations so far.

The recordings allow you to participate in the sessions as if you are attending, leading you into a trance state and providing specific healing to chakras and your auras. The sessions also include time to connect with your guides and your intuitive insight. Also, each meditation includes specific activations in your energy body which are timely, as the Shift in Consciousness unfolds. Most meditations end with using the group’s energy to heal oneself, loved ones and the world. On average, the meditations are approximately between 55 minutes to 1 hour long. The recordings allow you to digest pieces of the meditation at your own pace.

I offer these recordings as a way for those not able to participate in my circle to partake in the same healing and activations, at their own schedule. It is also a great way for those who have attended to replay and revisit specific meditations they have enjoyed. It is unlikely that a meditation I have covered will be repeated more than once in a channeled session.

The recordings will be sent to you electronically in a MP3 format.

The price for each individual recording is $10.

I am also offering a discounted bundled price of any 3 recordings for $25.

Listing of Recordings

December 7th, 2009: I held a Goddess Energy Healing Circle on December 7th, 2009 where I channeled specific meditations and attunements from Mother Mary and Durga Ma.

The light waves that started coming through on December 12th initiated a new level of self-awareness within, and it is imperative to both move out any masculine distortions that are holding you back from seeing the true balanced light within yourself, and to reclaim the feminine strength and creativity within.

The attunements bring forth (a) the energies of feminine strength that will help you vanquish any limitations within, those voices of doubt, of subterfuge that are stifling your creative manifestation of your destiny, as you once again take up the mantle of your feminine power, and (b) the sacred creative energies of divine tantra that allow for the full expression of your creative self, birthing a new timeline for you in 2010, as the ascension waves allow for a balanced divine expression of your blueprint of higher destiny and creativity.

December 1st, 2009: Explores familial ties, the bonds that hamper you, and we also explore how to let them be recreated anew into a new expression of connection that is more malleable, that is more flexible, and that is fully fruitful for the flowering of your future Atmanic self, as you become more aligned with the light of your Higher Self. Ascended Master Kuthumi and Goddess Ishtar lead portions of this channeled meditation which attune your DNA to new soul family vibrations and to the divine laws of higher light and love that are rapidly unfolding as the Shift approaches.

October 4th, 2009: Kuthumi and Mother Mary provided initiations to reclaim and recover aspects of your inner magician from past lives in Ancient Egypt, from Celtic times and from your cetaceous ancestry (Length: 1 hour 8 minutes)

August 19th, 2009: Ezekiel channeling about recognizing the cosmic tree that you are in this time of change, and that as you alight this tree you reclaim your ability to manifest a wonderful future anew, full of financial prosperity and abundance - Releasing patterns from past lives that are yoking you - Igniting talents that will propel you forward - Glimsping a glorious future of abundance and prosperity, anchoring it into your everyday reality (Length: 1 hour 3 minutes)

August 5th, 2009: Maitreya channeling discussing how lightworkers can help family and friends understand spirituality in the context of their existing beliefs. The message is that the lunar eclipse marks a time for stepping forward and becoming a leader and wayshower for those around you. - Kuthumi takes you inside your sacred heart, igniting your Pink diamond with the First Ray of Creation and attuning you to the energies of unconditional love - Goddess Jezebel takes you to a place of self-knowledge where three beings of light remind you of your star family, and encode your DNA with an awakening to your star gifts that will come forth at the appropriate stage of your journey. (Length: 56 minutes)

July 22nd, 2009: Introductory Kuthumi channeling on the significance of the 7-22-09 Solar Eclipse - Clearing out debilitating patterns in your solar plexus chakra that have plagued you for many lifetimes - Unlocking the vault of hidden patterns - Traveling on a magic carpet to a vision of your past - Accompanying Goddess Jezebel to an etheric dome at the top of a pyramid, representing the ancient mystery schools of Egypt, where she and Mary Magdalene attune you to the Magdalene goddess energies that are now infiltrating the Earth plane, bringing your solar plexus chakra into balance, allowing you to express and manifest your reality in harmony, and with the community so that all can be prosperous and lead a life of abundance. (Length: 1 hour 11 minutes)

July 7th, 2009: Introductory Kuthumi channeling - Using spherical orbs and color to heal the 2nd chakra, identifying and releasing limiting cords of energy - Galvanizing yourself into a beacon of light by connecting with your soul family across the world - Visit to an etheric temple where Mary Magdalene attunes your 2nd chakra to your innate creativity that is available from your soul song in higher dimensions. (Length: 1 hour 2 minutes)

May 25th, 2009: Releasing the original lie and primary source of discontent from family or friends - Tanning yourself into a cosmic being - Visit to a temple of manifestation where you paint a scene of your future, using geometric ratios and quadrilaterals - Visit your guides - Healing self and the Earth (Length: 56 minutes)

May 10th, 2009: Running earth and cosmic energy to clear the chakras – Introductory comments by Kuthumi – Inner Child Meditation Part I – Exercises for owning your crown chakra – Using the color aquamarine to fold into your divine self – Inner Child Meditation Part II at an etheric temple – A visit with your guides – Healing the Earth (Length: 1 hours 4 minutes)

April 23rd, 2009: Feeling supported by Spirit as the hyacinth, releasing father/dominating energies stored in your space using a crystal ball, the healing energies of the pink diamond stored in your sacred heart, and a visit to an etheric temple where Mary Magdalene helps you to anchor in additional feminine energies to bring you into balance. (Length: 58 minutes)

April 12th, 2009: Accessing the rebirthing energies of Easter 2009, using Nature (daffodils) to connect with your multidimensional self and unity, using taste (marzipan) to bring forth a sweetness to forgive yourself and others, and a visit to an etheric temple where Lord Sananda provides a rebirthing initiation, using the color orange, tailored for you at this point in your spiritual journey. (Length: 1 hour)

March 25th, 2009: Accessing your sacred heart through the roses of love, activating the connection between the heart and 3rd eye chakras to expand your clairvoyance, connecting with the feminine energies of the moon, the moonstone crystal and the flow of life, and a visit to an etheric tower where you meet with the Egyptian Goddess Hathor. (Length: 58 minutes)

March 11th, 2009: Transforming the unforeseen challenges in the roller coaster of life into an opportunity for transformation and growth, moving from reaction to the vibrations of kindness, gratefulness and beauty, discovering the treasures within, the use of the color blue for healing, activating the 3rd eye chakras with blueberries, a visit to an etheric temple where bluebirds assist in an activation of your crown chakra. (Length: 54 minutes).

February 25th, 2009: Clearing blockages from the 2nd chakra, healing disease, healing worry by breathing in adamantine particles and activating the sacred heart, enhancing your creativity as expressed by the 2nd chakra, seeking out your soul group for new friendships and relationships via telepathy, a waterfall of spiritual cleansing, a visit to an etheric Mayan temple where Quan Yin provides an initiation for transformation and growth. Healing hunger on the planet. (Length: 55 minutes).

February 9th, 2009: Releasing any fears about stepping forward and anger about the past stored in your root chakra, manifesting your passions and crossing the Spiritual bridge to your future, the tree of manifestation and prosperity, a visit to an etheric crystal palace of healing and manifestation where Mary Magdalene provides an initiation to help you manifest your passions with prosperity. (Length: 54 minutes).

January 9th, 2009: Clearing the 5th (throat) chakra, expressing your truth and finding balance in life. Creating the octahedron to define your energy field, using roses to filter out energy that is not yours, balancing your masculine and feminine sides, communicating telepathically and sending a message you have not had the ability to say in person, a visit to an etheric temple of healing with an activation of grounding you within the new ascension energies. (Length: 58 minutes).

December 29th, 2008: Finding the vibration of joy, compassion and balance as we move through the Shift, accessing your divine detachment and forgiveness, releasing karma with a person of your choice, becoming the ornamented tree providing light for others, a visit to an etheric temple of healing with water cleansing and an amethyst crystal activation. (Length: 56 minutes).

Note: Meditation recordings are for personal use only and may not be distributed without permission.

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