Hands-On-Healing Session

My hands-on healing sessions are conducted on a table and are very powerful and transformational. I work with energy, crystals, sound , sacred geometry, channeled energetic symbols, acupressure and body movements given to me by light beings to help you release energetics of density, filling you with radiant light and love that helps your body to heal at a physical level. I work with clients that have significant health issues such as cancer, working to shift the cellular memory of "dis-ease" into well-being so that your body remembers its perfection and begins to heal itself.

As a gay male I offer tailored healings for the gay community related to lack of self-work and relationship and sexuality issues as well. My journey of transformation into my own self-worth and self-love today allows me to offer healings to gay men and women with compassion and a deep understanding for the issues that we have faced.

In this sessions I am directly engaged in your body's transformation. Many clients describe that experience as unbelievably life-changing. Each session is unique and I am directed by your guides as to how to best provide you a pathway into self-healing in co-creation with me. Depending on the situation, and what you are looking for we will work with different techniques.

Fee: 1 hour $195

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