Our Physical body is surrounded by successive layers of non-physical bodies that comprise the aura: the Emotional Body, the Mental Body and the Spiritual body (PEMS).

Physical body ailments and disease can originate in the aura and then manifest as pain and illness. A big proponent of this belief is Louise Hay, who has created a dictionary relating specific body ailment to limiting beliefs stored in the aura in her best-selling book “You Can Heal Your Life.”

Energy healing systems such as Reiki and Golden Sun Healing work to clear the aura of self-defeating thoughts and emotions which can be the underlying cause of a Physical problems such as headaches, gastric complaints, respiratory problems, ENT problems, reproductive, cardiovascular, immune system, muscular-skeletal, urinary, fever, etc.

The Golden Sun Healing Method transmits Spirit’s healing life-force energy or “chi”. Shariq works with a variety of Light Beings, including Ascended Masters, Archangels and the client’s guides to transmit healing energy to the PEMS body.
Other benefits of Golden Sun Healing can be:

- Inner happiness, joy and peace
- Positive thoughts instead of depression
- Mental clarity
- Successful relationships
- Enhanced spiritual connection

Spiritual Body:

This is the outer-most layer of your aura and provides a bridge for connections with Spirit and your Higher Self

Mental Body:

This is where thoughts originate and are stored (rather than in the brain, which is more like the computer hardware than the software program). Thoughts have a form and structure and radiate from your aura to the world around you.
If you have negative, self-sabotaging thoughts about yourself such as: “I am not worth anything”, or” I don’t believe I’ll ever by happy”, you will attract people who will treat you badly and try and bully you. If you have happy thoughts and believe you deserve the best in life, you will attract people who want to help you. The Law of Attraction that the Universe follows is flawless in its execution.

This is also where you first process insults or statements from others about your limitations. If someone tells you that you will never be a success in life, and you already have a self-doubting thought in your Mental body, this statement will resonate with your existing thought patterns. And, if you continue to put your attention on it, an emotion will become attached to the thought. You become sad at the thought you might not achieve much in life. And the thought now drops down to your Emotional body.

Emotional Body:

You store emotions, positive and negative, in your Emotional body, and if you dwell on negative emotions long enough: anger, jealousy, hatred (“I hate that person for what they did to me”), it might eventually show up as a physical ailment.

Physical Body:

The Physical body is itself made up of energy. Cells are made up of atoms, which are comprised of neutrons, protons and electrons, the binding electromagnetic building blocks of energy
As disease and pain manifest in the Physical body, addressing the underlying thoughts, images and emotions in the Mental and Physical bodies via Energy Healing can help to cure physical symptoms.

Please note that Energy Healing work should be used in conjunction with medical advice from doctors, and is not a substitute for traditional medicine. You should look at it as an alternative holistic approach that tries to solve problems traditional medicine does not recognize.

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